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Founder, music composer, arranger, songwriter

Gerardo Saldana

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Gerardo was born in Tampico Tamaulipas, Mexico on April 25th 1990. He picked up the guitar at age 14. When he started he was first influenced by bands like Blink 182, AC/DC, Metallica, later on he discovered a Dream Theater album on his brothers room and he moved to study progressive metal bands like Dream Theater, Symphony X, Andromeda, etc... where he would spend most of his time practicing the guitar.

One of Gerardo’s first compositions as a professional musician was the instrumental “Aktinos”, which you can listen to in this link:

Gerardo has been influenced by guitar legends Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen and Guthrie Govan.

He founded Thy Station with co-worker Andre on 2016 where he composed the music and Andre the lyrics of the band's first album called ''The Standing Man'' and he’s been working on the band since then.


Founder, lyricist, vocal melodies

Andres P. Spool

    Andre was born in Viña del Mar, Chile. However, he grew up in Brazil and became interested in metal music at 10 years old, when he obtained a sticker album as a gift, called Rock Stamp; a classic collection in Brazil. Ozzy OsbourneScorpions and Van halen were his great idols in childhood. But it was in his teenage years that he started playing guitar, when the family returned to Chile. Nevertheless, he was interested in more powerful genres; thrash and death metal.

    His only attempt as a professional musician was to create and be the guitarist of Golgotha, a death metal band that opened a Morbid Angel concert in Santiago, before another local band, in 1996. The members of Golgotha ​​were only between 16 and 18 years old. However, understanding he was a common guitarist, Andre drops the music and decides to study Advertising at the Universidad Del Pacífico (UPA), in Santiago.

    During his studies, Andre approaches the music again thanks to a professor of Psychology who recommended him singing to stop stuttering; a disorder that haunted him since childhood.

    That way, Andre discovers some great voices (the goal wasn’t to return to music, but to defeat stuttering): David Coverdale and Geoff Tate, and with them two albums that blew his mind. Slip of the Tongue and Operation Mindcrime. A couple years later, Andre learned to sing; lessons and cover bands defeated the worst ghost of his childhood. As a singer, his tastes returned to the past: Heavy Metal, AOR Melodic , Hard Rock and Progressive.

    Now, giving birth to Thy Station –with his pal Ger– has been a great challenge and also a return to what he loves the most.


    Bass player

    Dan Santana

      Dan Israel Santana Maldonado was born on June 23, 1995 in Tampico, Tamaulipas. He started playing bass at 14 and his first band was a Colombian Christian Thrash Metal band. Dan is graduated from Universidad Autónoma de Tamaulipas (UAT), the Faculty of Music, where students called him “El niño slap” (the slap boy)

      The lesson” by Victor Wooten, was the piece that led him to progress as a bassist, to take it seriously. But he also recognizes that “Flea,” the charismatic Red Hot Chili Peppers‘ bassist, was the one who encouraged him to develop the slap technique. His attraction to Progressive Metal begins after watching a video by bassist Tony Dickinson, playing the songs “Panic Attack” and “The Dark Eternal Night” by Dream Theater.

      Dan has a Lakland 55-02 Skyline bass, Deluxe Series.

      His most influential bassists are Victor Wooten, Gary Willis, Henrik Linder, Alain Caron, Stuart Hamm, among others. Among the most significant pieces for his development are: Three Lives – Octavision; Glassglow Kiss – John Petrucci; New Jerusalem – Affector, and Initiate – Haken.


      Manuel Resendiz

        Manuel Resendiz Guerrero ''Many'' was born September 18th 1988 in Ciudad Madero, Tamaulipas. He had some musical formation with his aunt Lupita Guerrero percussionist of the state band of San Luis Potosi. 

        He was self-taught since he was 15 years old, moment when his father purchased him a drum kit. Later on he had some drumming lessons from drummer ''Jorge Valdez'' a graduated musician from Universidad Autonoma de Tamaulipas in 2018.
        He has been playing in numerous bands. Now he forms part of Thy Station as of 2019.

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