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Thy Station's Bio and debut album

Thy Station is a progressive metal band formed by the mexican multi-instrumentalist Gerardo Saldaña, and the chilean vocalist and lyricist Andrés P. Spool.

The band officially started in 2016 with the release of a free “three songs” demo: Waking Up, Open your Eyes, and Flying; songs which you can get (remastered and with some changes) in the new release “The Standing Man, 1st Chapter”.

The beginning:

All started when a mexican musician graduated from Berklee, put a add on the Internet 'white pages': "I'm looking for musicians for a progressive band". The add was followed by a link which led into one of his instrumental creations, called Aktinos. A Chilean writer and cartoonist (who was looking for job in Mexico) became very interested in the add; he had had experiences singing heavy metal classics in garage bands.

So, Gerardo and Andres reunited after a call phone. The Mexican put the Chilean in a sound test consisted in karaoking a song by Dream Theater. The result was very satisfactory, Andres was tenor, and reached four octaves in addition to presenting himself as a creative writer in the Advertising Agencies, so could take charge of the lyrics; something that always annoyed Gerardo.

Although they had to separate, they continued working at a distance by Facebook and WhatsApp. Ger began to compose the music, and Andres to write a story that would later fit into the lyrics.

This is how Thy Station was born, in 2016; more than a metal band it's the creation by a duo who just -like Steven Spielberg and John Williams- have written and composed a story with music -or music with a story- to give their future fans an artistic piece that will go further beyond music and the literature. Simply, a piece of art.

Gerardo "Ger" Saldana is a guitarist, and multi-instrumentalist who has been influenced by Steve Vai, Joe Satriani, Yngwie Malmsteen and Guthrie Govan, among others. While Andres P. Spool is a singer who reaches 4 octaves as vocal range, over a scale between baritone and tenor. His influences have been David Coverdale, Geoff Tate, Ray Gillen and Chris Cornell.

About the Album for free by the website

“The Standing Man. 1st Chapter” is the first Thy Station album, and the first part from a trilogy about a man who will try to leave the matrix and rise to another astral plane. But first, he must fight against the dark shadows that intervene in ordinary life. At the end of the road, the protagonist would reach a higher state of consciousness.

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