The Standing Man

The album's main character

Living in a cosmopolitan and competitive metropolis, Dave Miller is a successful whole man; looks healthy: goes to the gym, does sports and has a good income. He’s 30 years old, and works at an office as Sales Department Coordinator, in a transnational corporation in which he has already been expecting seven years for a promotion.

Money isn’t needed, he comes from a wealthy family. However, he prefers not to bother. As he says, “I can get odds and ends by myself”.

Everything seems to be doing well; the young professional on the rise whose success it’s plainly visible, as well as the fact he is strong, clever and good-looking like a few.

But there is a problem, Dave is not at ease.

He has been all that his family wanted; he has been able to be first-class, stylish and civilized; an obedient and model man who follows his father’s footsteps; the great business man of Sally. He looks as the winner should look like, with the looks and the temper of Wall Street men. He dresses fashionable: one-half charisma, one-half metrosexual.

But Dave is not at ease.

If ignorance brings happiness, intelligence along may be synonym of sadness. This isn’t a myth. Dave begins to analyze the hidden meaning of his perfect behavior, as well as the search of success to the eyes of other ones and begins to realize that all what’s worn-out in his character has been for working in the perfect citizen that all look for him. He looks around and sees other ones seeking unceasingly the same thing:



They have gotten to look alike as much among themselves that they no longer stand out like individual and only beings, but like entities that share a same DNA; same fingerprints, and a same way of talking, walking and dressing; basic clones assembled in a same factory of prototypes.

Dave begins to realize he hasn’t had his own way, hasn’t held an opinion and hasn’t raised his hand to say: “I’m different and I look for something else for my life”. Dave has remained silent; therefore, he has been structured and built at will of those who have the power in his system.

Dave will begin to reflect; to look affected by the reality that will fall over him; it’s a burden that he no longer wants. Or he leaves everything now, or he won’t be free from his soul that begins to feel trapped in a circle of pressures and orders that don’t answer to his likings. Dave isn’t free, knows it. And he will have to fight the system that overwhelms him if wants to take control; but it’s a cruel system, because “only losers flee away from their rules”.

That world that puts on everything at his feet is unforgiving when is refused, for which Dave won’t be able to bend his hands once he starts to get his own way. He will have fight to the end, although breaking what he accepted as “do the right thing”; that one so corrupted verbosity of rectitude and excellence.

Nobody escapes easy from them. They alive! Despite being far away and believing being out of danger, Dave will begin to be chased by the shades that handle the threads of his world. But this terryfing tension, you will bear it recently in the second chapter and third of this story.

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